We’re a property investment company based in Bolton run by business partners Kat and Kieran.


As property investors ourselves we understand the power of great property investment in creating both financial freedom and a passive income, as well as overcoming challenges of not getting it right. We have the knowledge and experience to match you with the property investment strategy that is right for your lifestyle, financial goals, and budget.


At Lyra Property Solutions we’re operating in one of the most exciting investment areas in the UK. Bolton has a wide range of properties available to suit every budget and opportunities for success for every property investment strategy out there.


We’ll carefully assess your goals before helping you decide which investment strategy is

going to fit your needs. Whether you’re new to the property world or a more experienced investor familiar with the world of BTL, HMO, R2SA, CC or SA.

If you’re considering investing in property and feel you’d like to invest with us in Bolton (and let’s face it - why wouldn’t you), contact us to arrange a free consultation where we can get to know you and your goals - only then we can start the search for the perfect investment properties for your needs.

Meet The Team.


Kat Kuczynska

- Lyra's Obsessive Mind.

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Moving from the corporate world of transport and logistics sector, animal lover Kat began her property journey in 2013 with a single BTL property and has been growing the portfolio since. Kat has dealt with many challenges of owning properties, her determination and problem-solving skills are key to our business. She enjoys sifting through the numbers and making sure our investments stack up. Kat is the visionary side of Lyra, always looking for ways to grow and develop. If you can dream it, she has probably already started working on it. Although she doesn't often admit it, she's a secret biker chick. Her spare time is filled up with dogs, horses, books, interior design or furniture upcycling projects.


Kieran Potts


- Lyra's Practical Mind.

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Kieran has a background in sales but throughout his life, he's gathered many years of experience in commercial and residential building projects, from large scale warehouse and distribution centers to family homes. His expertise in these fields is an invaluable asset in the project management of our portfolio as well as portfolios of our investors. Kieran works extremely well under pressure and keeps his cool no matter the circumstances. He's the practical aspect of Lyra and tries to keep Kat grounded whilst she's pursuing various projects. Kieran spends his spare time tinkering with or racing his motorcycles or disappears to his garage to start on another engineering project.

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